T. Fukushima



Q:Where are you from? (city name and country)
Please tell us about the good points of your city.



Hello, I’m Mike and I’m from Hong Kong. As you may already know that Hong Kong has the most expensive rents in the world(sad but true), apart from this, Hong Kong is a livable city where you may enjoy shopping, dining and nature. Top brands and delicious food from all over the world can be easily found in the city. Meanwhile, you may visit the hiking trails that offer scenic coastal scenery from everywhere in Hong Kong for just around one or two hour by public transport.


Q:Where is your recommended location in Hong Kong?



If you’re visiting Hong Kong for the very first time, I will recommend Central & Mid-levels, an interesting district that old meets new. The historical buildings, local markets contrast sharply with the modern high-rises. You may also take the Star Ferry to enjoy the iconic night view of Victoria Harbour.


Q: What are your interests or hobbies?


I enjoy traveling in Japan outside the metropolitan area for taking pictures or hiking, visiting cafes, ramen restaurants and sentos on weekends.

These days I spend most of the time at home(and I hope you’re doing the same, too!) and I prepare my own meals everyday. Would like to get started in baking, otherwise I may get bored with cooking at home.



Q:What is the weirdest thing for you in Japan?


The weirdest thing for me in Japan is, there are many direct trains run to the stations of other lines. For example, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line offers direct trains to Isehara(Kanagawa Prefecture), which is under Odakyu Odawara Line. I had no idea if I needed to transit for the first time visiting Japan and it’s interesting that two companies sharing the trains.


Q: Where would you like to visit in Japan?



I’m really into Niigata Prefecture, the greatest rice-growing area in Japan since I visited there in 2018. I’m interested in the fermented food culture, local production for local consumption and the beautiful winter scenery. I wish I can visit all over Niigata, Sado Island and Murakami are on my bucket list.


Q:How do you feel about working in Japan?


It does not make much difference working in Japan and Hong Kong as I’m doing office work. What you need to work in Hong Kong is efficiency, while people in Japan do the things fine and carefully. It would be an advantage to finish tasks with the two work styles flexibility.


Q:What are you studying at your university?


I studied Digital Media Design, focused on Graphic Design and Typography. My favorite class is lecture on Art History, there is a very wide range of topics, appreciating the art pieces by the cultural, philosophical and historical angles. This is the key to look at things from different points of view and this is definitely a great experience for me.