Hello, my name is Chen. I joined the company at the end of October as an intern. It’s nice to meet you.


■ Where are you from? ( city name and country ) Please tell us about the good points of your city.

I am from Taiwan, a country famous for its tasty food and uniquely modified Chinese culture. The city I come from is Tainan. It is in the southern part of Taiwan, famous for its historical sites and, of course, the food. Regardless of the scale, Tainan in Taiwan can be considered like Kyoto in Japan. In Tainan, well restored buildings and forts are everywhere, so people can enjoy riding bikes around the various sites and eating delicious food in some old narrow alleys. Although Tainan is a relatively unknown city among foreigners, it is often voted the best domestic travel destination by Taiwanese people. Recently in Taiwan, there are more and more foreign travelers who visit not only the capital city but also other cities that had not previously been well promoted as tourist destinations. While capital cities like Tokyo have everything you need for a short-term stay, other areas have their own charm that you can never find in big cities.




■ Where do you recommend in Japan?

So far, I have not been to too many places in Japan, but the place I recommend the most and want to explore more is the islands. I went to Izu Oshima once in 2017 when I had just started studying in Japan. Izu Oshima is an island of Tokyo. It takes around 6 hours by ferry to get there from Odaiba harbor but is accessible in 2 hours by jet ferry. It is a small island with less than 10 thousand residents. As a volcanic island, it is famous for its natural scenery. I still  remember the feeling when I hiked to the top of the volcano and the black desert next to it. There are many other islands around Tokyo. I planned to go to Niijima last summer but unfortunately couldn’t go. I hope I can travel to all of them before I graduate.


まだ、私は日本であまり多くの場所に行ったことはありませんが、最もお勧めで、もっと探検してみたい場所は島です。日本で勉強を始めて間もない2017年に一度伊豆大島に行きました。伊豆大島は東京の島です。お台場からフェリーで約6時間かかりますが、ジェットフェリーでは2時間でアクセスできます。伊豆大島は人口が1万人未満の小さな島です。火山島として、自然の景観が有名です。 火山の頂上まで登り、その横に広がる黒い砂漠をハイキングしたときの気持ちを今でも覚えています。 東京周辺には他にも多くの島があります。 去年の夏、新島に行く予定でしたが、残念ながら行けませんでした。 卒業するまでに、すべての島に旅行できるといいのですが。


 What are your interests or hobbies?

As a full-time student, my life is mainly about school and home. I like to cook when I have time. Making my own meals and eating them is one of the happiest things in my daily life. Plus eating outside is expensive. My mother is a great cook, so I learned many recipes from her and make Taiwanese cuisine when I feel homesick. Besides cooking, I also like to do some light exercise. I go to the gym regularly (recently) and used to jog around the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

All of my hobbies are very normal, but they really do make my life in Japan healthier and happier.


フルタイムの学生なので、私の生活は主に学校と家です。 時間があるときに料理をするのが好きです。 自分で食事を作り、それを食べることは、私の日常生活で至福のひとときです。 外食はお金がかかりますし。 私の母は料理がとても上手なので、たくさんのレシピを教えてもらいました。ホームシックになったら母から教えてもらった台湾料理を作ります。 料理の他は、軽い運動もします。 定期的に(最近)ジムに行きますが、以前は東京の皇居の周りをジョギングしていました。



■ What is the weirdest thing for you in Japan?

Actually, I had been to Japan almost 10 times before I started to study here. I can barely recall anything weird for me in Japan. But as for food, I do hate one thing and am still confused about its existence, and that is natto. I tried it many times after I had forgotten how horrible it was, but the results of these trials were all the same.


実際、日本で勉強を始める前に、10回ほど来日したことがありました。 日本で変だと感じたことをほとんど思い出せません。 しかし、食べ物に関しては、どうしても苦手で、未だになぜこんな食べ物があるのかと思っているものがあります。それは納豆です。 不味かったことを忘れて何度試しても、美味しいと感じることはありません。


■ What inspired you to study Japanese?

I had never learnt any foreign language aside from English in my life before. In the beginning, I thought learning Japanese would be a good idea since many of my friends were learning it. After I came to Tokyo and started my university life, I started to study Japanese seriously in order to make more Japanese friends. It’s been 2 years, and so far my Japanese language learning process has been neglected since I don’t really need it in my daily life.

Currently, working as an intern in Export Japan, I think I need to improve my Japanese language urgently!!


私はこれまでに英語以外の外国語を学んだことがありませんでした。 初めは、友達の多くが日本語を学んでいたので、日本語を学ぶことは良い考えだと思いました。 東京に来て大学生活を始めてからは、日本人の友達を増やすために真剣に日本語を勉強し始めました。 2年が経ちましたが、これまでのところ、日本語の勉強は日常生活であまり必要ないのでおざなりになっています。



■ What are you expecting from this internship program?

First of all, I haven’t worked in a decent office before. Working here gives me a new perspective of earning money (Just kidding :3)

I believe that working in any environment has its own value. For this internship program, I want to improve my Japanese proficiency, as well as the skill of editing official documents. There are still many things I need to learn from my colleagues. よろしくお願い致します。


まず第一に、私はまともなオフィスで働いたことがありません。 ここで働いて、お金を稼ぐことについての見方が変わりました。(冗談です:3)

どんな環境でも働くことにはそれなりの価値があると思います。 このインターンシッププログラムでは、日本語を上達させ、公式文書の編集スキルを向上させたいと考えています。 同僚から学ぶべきことはまだたくさんあります。 よろしくお願い致します。


■ What are you studying at your university? Tell us about your dream.

My department is called Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering. We gain a basic knowledge and understanding of science and engineering and combine them with management skills (or other expertise) in order to solve future societal problems. So far I have completed the fundamental subjects, therefore I am taking more management courses right now. My dream is to live a happy life, no matter what I do in the future.


私の学部は、融合理工学系と呼ばれています。 科学と工学の基本的な知識と理解を得て、将来の社会問題を解決するためにそれらをマネジメントするスキル(またはその他の専門知識)と融合させます。 これまでのところ、私は基礎科目を修了しているため、現在、マネジメントコースを多く受講しています。 私の夢は、将来何の職業に就いても、幸せな生活を送ることです。