1. Where are you from? (city name and country)
Please tell us about the good points of your city. 


 I was born at Ituiutaba, in the western part of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. It’s a small city, very far from big cities and well know places in Brazil (like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro).

The city has a very hot weather, usually very humid and rainy during summer, and dry winter. Sometimes the winter is a little bit cold during the morning and night, but still very hot during the day. The economics of the city are mainly cattle raising and agriculture. It’s considered a city with a high quality of life, using Brazilian standards.



View from city’s downtown.    街の中心部からの景色

Some waterfalls you can find near the city.    近くにある滝

This is yellow ipê, it’s considered the Brazilian national tree. You can find a lot of then in the city. You can find other colors as well, like pink, purple and white ones.


2. Where do you recommend in Brazil?


Brazil is a big country. It’s the 5th biggest country in the world in terms of area and population. So there’re a lot of places I never been to but I want to go someday, like Fernando de Noronha, Lençois Maranhenses, Chapada dos Guimarães, and many others.

But I can recommend some places I’ve been to.

The first one, is probably my favorite, is the Iguazu Falls.


It’s between Brazil and Argentina. It’s an impressive view. You can enjoy it from both sides, Brazilian and Argentinian. You’ll see a lot of nature, a lot of waterfalls. It’s amazing.

And you can still visit Argentina and Paraguay on the same trip.

The other place I recommend is Natal, in the Northeast region of Brazil.



There you can find the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Like this one, which is called “Praia do Amor”, something like Love’s beach, because of its shape that resembles a heart.


But there are plenty of other beaches and nice places to see and visit.

The northeast region is probably the top destination of Brazilians traveling inside Brazil.


This is another place I’ve been to, it’s on my state Minas Gerais. This city is called Ouro Preto, and was once the capital of the state. It’s a historical city, between the mountains. It was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its outstanding Baroque Portuguese colonial architecture.


3. What are your interests or hobbies?


I have a lot of hobbies and interests since it’d be impossible to do all at once, I usually spent a long season doing something, then I start doing something else.


Thing like watching movies and TV shows, I do often, especially Marvel movies, which I like a lot since I was a kid reading comics and watching cartoons. I also like some manga and anime.

When I was a kid, since I liked comics and manga, I started to enjoy drawing as well. I started with comics and manga characters and later started to draw people as well.



This is a drawing I did as a gift to my friend’s mother.I like to draw sometimes, but it takes a long time, so I don’t do it very often.

I also like to cook.



These are some hamburgers I cooked for my friends this year, so we could eat while trying some beer I brewed.

So, another thing I used to do in Brazil was to brew beer.


Here’s a photo during the brewing process.


And here is a picture of the final product. I used to brew a lot of different styles. This one on the picture is a Cream Ale, and I was trying to make it as translucent as possible (What is difficult in a craft process).

そして、これが出来上がったものの写真です。色々なスタイルで醸造していました。写真はCream Aleで、出来る限り半透明にしてみました。(手作りでは難しい)。

I like every subject related to technology and science, especially astronomy. I’m always reading stuff about that.


This is one picture I took from the moon once, using my camera and a telescope. It’s one of my favorite photos taken by me. Since it’s not a full moon, the shadows help you see more details on the moon craters.


One last thing, but very important. I like to spend time with my cats. They are in Brazil now, my mother is taking care of them for me. I’ll bring them to Japan next year.


This one is Selina, she is 3,5 years old and very shy. She likes to see birds by the window or watch birds on the TV. She also thinks it’s very interesting to see videos of lions sleeping.


This one is Seneca. Seneca means something like Sleepy, and he got this name because he really likes to sleep. He likes to play and explore everything, the opposite of Selina. Since he is so agitated, he doesn’t stand in front of the TV to watch anything. He also likes to take showers, it’s the first cat I heard of that likes showers. His eyes are yellow and green, the same main colors of the Brazilian flag. He is 1,5 years old.


4. What is the weirdest thing for you in Japan?


I haven’t seen anything I can say it’s weird. Japan is very different from Brazil, but it’s different in a good way. I like how things seem to work as they were supposed to work. How the streets are clean and quiet. How you can walk in a park at night, with almost no illumination, and it’ll still be safe. That’s something I’d never do in Brazil.



The way you use a lot of physical money in Japan and you have to go to convenience stores and banks to pay some bills. In Brazil, I was used to paying only by debit or credit cards and pay all my bills using the bank app. So I’m having a hard time to control my coins here, especially the 1円 coins. I have a lot of 1円 coins at home and it’s hard to get rid of them.

In Brazil our currency is “Real” and we also have cents, but we don’t have 1 cent coin. So if you buy something that costs R$1,99 you’ll pay R$2,00, but if it costs R$2,01, you’ll only pay R$2,00, so you always round the price when using physical money in Brazil, that’s the way it’s hard for me to get used to small coins.

日本では現金決済が主流で、公共料金の支払いなどでコンビニや銀行に行く必要があります。ブラジルではデビットカードやクレジットカードでの決済がふつうで、銀行のアプリで支払いをすべて完了することに慣れていました。日本では現金、特に小銭の管理に困ります。家に1円が貯まってしまい、使うのが大変です。ブラジルの通貨はレアルでセントもありますが、1セントコインというものはありません。だから、 R$1,99の買い物をしてもR$2,00払い、R$2,01の買い物をしてもR$2,00払います。つまりブラジルでは現金を使う場合、価格を丸めるのが普通なのです。というわけで、私は小銭に馴染むことができていません。

5. Where would you like to visit in Japan?


I’d like to visit a lot of places in Japan, it’s even hard to list them all. I intend to visit the closest places at first, and later going further. Some places I can list are Kyushu, Hokkaido, Okinawa (which are themselves big regions with lot’s of places). I still wanna go to Kyoto, Hakone, Hiroshima, and many other places.

日本でたくさんの場所を訪れたいのですが、それらすべてをリストアップするのは難しいです。 まずは近場を訪れ、その後遠くへも足を延ばしたいと思っています。いくつか挙げるとすれば、九州、北海道、沖縄(それ自体にたくさんの観光地がある大きな地域ですね。)他にも、京都、箱根、広島など、行きたいところはたくさんあります。

6. How do you feel about working in Japan?


Working in Japan for me is being a great experience, better than I expected. I like what I do and doing it with a great team makes everything better. Everyone is being very supportive and helpful that I hadn’t felt any difficulties for not knowing the language. And working with an international team as we have is amazing for me, we get to learn about different cultures and different points of view on every situation.



7. What did you study at your university?


I studied computer engineering in Brazil, from 2007 to 2011, besides software, I learned a lot about hardware and electronics and worked on some projects related to computer vision at the university.


This is the main entrance of my university. 出身大学の正門です。

I have a lot of memories of this place, where I spent 5 years studying and learning the base I needed to build my working career.