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Multilingual Site Development

Our multicultural perspective and operational know-how are what set us apart

It is rapidly becoming common for major businesses and organizations to have websites in Japanese, Chinese, and other foreign languages. Despite this, multilingual sites are often hastily constructed, and few of them are made with consideration for important elements such as usability, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and cultural localization. Over the past 20 years, Export Japan have been involved in site creation for a wide variety of Japanese companies, and we leverage that rich experience in every step of the process to build and maintain global sites with culturally familiar user interfaces, effective SEO optimization, and impeccable copy.


“What role does a multilingual website play in your business strategy?”
“Is there an internet culture or environment that is specific to your target country?”
“What should be emphasized when showing your company’s strengths to the rest of the world?”
These are the questions we will address when developing your multilingual website. Our team of experts will draw on their years of experience, together with current examples from the target country, to work together with you and your company and create a plan to achieve your goals.


The brand image that your users will take from your website depends heavily on the site design. Aspects such as font and color palette may seem like relatively small design choices, but they can have a major effect on the impression of the website. Export Japan’s multicultural staff will provide relevant guidance so that each page of your multilingual website will be designed to fit the cultural considerations of the target users.

Translation/Native Check

Having accurate, natural, and effective copy is an important aspect of any website. However, it is often overlooked or undervalued  The English sites of even major Japanese businesses and public institutions often contain considerable variation in quality, mistakes in grammar and spelling, and typographical issues like duplicated periods and spaces. These are points that a target user will notice and remember, and they reflect poorly on the business they represent. Even if the copy is grammatically perfect, many translation companies produce English that is identical to the Japanese content. This literal translation can feel unfamiliar and out of place, and the message and branding that the company wants to send out to the world is often muddled or lost entirely.

Export Japan employs experienced, credentialed, in-house copywriters and translators who don’t just render your text in the target language—they translate it into clean, professional copy that will feel familiar and appropriate to the target user.

Global SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The more niche and specialized your product, the larger and more global its market must become. When building a multilingual site to expand your service or product overseas, it is crucial to ensure that when users in the target country search for your product, your site is the one that appears at the top of the page. Designing the site to appear higher in those results across a variety of search engines is referred to as Global SEO.

However, optimization is not as simple as filling your site with keywords. SEO techniques that don’t comply with search engine policies could lead to delisting and damage to your company’s brand. At Export Japan, our SEO is rooted in enhancing the appeal of the site content itself, from which the appropriate keywords will be used to boost the site’s exposure.

Server Selection

When establishing a website that targets a specific region overseas, it is absolutely essential that the server specifications, operating system, and location are all correctly chosen. This is especially true when targeting markets in China, where the impact of server selection is enormous. The staff at Export Japan weighs these considerations heavily when selecting your server.


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