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The Primary Source of Information for Travelers to Japan

Over 60 percent of foreign visitors to Japan use websites, blogs, and social media as their main sources of information when planning their trips, and chief among those sources is, which has been providing in-depth tourist information and travel writing aimed at foreign tourists to Japan for over 20 years. The site, which receives approximately 2 million unique visitors and an average of 7 million pageviews each month, is used by both tourists and residents, including employees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The website also contains a travel information forum, which has over 970,000 members and receives approximately 4,000 posts each month in threads on subjects including travel, shopping, and cuisine.

The Role of Export Japan

The staff at manage the site and produce its content, but Export Japan has been representing the advertising side of and managing other inquiries since 2002. For over 15 years, the two sites have operated in close connection – Kenji Takaoka, CEO of Export Japan, serves on the board of directors for, and Stefan Schauwecker, CEO of, serves on the board of directors for Export Japan.



Export Japan offers various types of advertising through, including banners, videos, and sponsored articles. The site contains information on over 1,400 locations across Japan, covering not only destinations but local events, cuisine, and transportation. Using this wealth of content, Export Japan can help you select advertising space that will most effectively reach the target audience. Contact us for more information on the various types of advertising services we provide.

Market Research

The extensive pool of visitors to can also be used as a base to survey relevant demographics, including those who are traveling to Japan, planning to visit, or residing there. Because the polling is voluntary, it is difficult to implement for gathering data on specific goods or services, but it is a valuable tool in understanding the needs and opinions of people who have experienced Japan as tourists or residents.


As part of the range of advertising options, also accepts contracts for the production of sponsored content such as articles or videos. By contracting with for the production of an article or video, businesses can simultaneously simplify their role in the production process and provide information to the target audience through a trusted, established platform. Your content will be produced by’s experienced staff and delivered alongside other high-quality travel writing and information.

Visit the advertising portal site (Japanese) to find out more.