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■ Where are you from? (city name and country)Please tell us about the good points of your city.

I am from a little city of 30 000 inhabitants, in the north suburb of Paris. Even though my city doesn’t possess a lot of money, it is a peaceful place easy to live. My city is near enough to Paris to have its benefits (job, shops, public transports…) and far enough to avoid its inconvenience (expensive cost of life, crowded places, pollution…). It takes around 25 minutes by train, and around 30 minutes by car to go to Paris from my city. My city has also several fields, and a lot of vegetation, it’s at the border between countryside and city.


■ Where do you recommend in Japan?

Unfortunately, I still haven’t had the chance to travel so much in Japan. However, I can recommend a few places, which are according to me, nice to visit, and not especially known by everyone. In the first place, I recommend you to visit Namba, and by night (if possible on Friday/Saturday). This place becomes so beautiful as the night falls. You definitely must go to Dotonbori, go on the bridge and look around you how the place is beautiful…
As a second place, I’ll recommend Kyoto. You should then go to the Gold temple, the Silver Temple, Arashiyama (The Bamboos Forest), and definitely to the monkey mountain.
As a third place, I recommend you Nara, and its famous Shika. It’s very funny and not so common. At the same time your enjoying the Shikas, you can also enjoy to have a walk in the big park, and contemplating the “Todai-ji” (one of the biggest wood building in the world), and why not go inside to see the “Daibutsu”? (one of the biggest bronze construction in the world).
If you go to Japan in the summer, you should go to the Wakayama prefecture beaches.
Then, I’ve kept my favorite for the end, I recommend you Izumi-chuo and its areas. I studied abroad, and I spent 6 months there, and for now, this is the place I liked the most. If you go there, I recommend you to take a breath, to be simple, to enjoy, and to go to Lalaport (this is a commercial center near Izumi, you can go there by walk (15/20 minutes) or by bus from the station (10 minutes). From there, you can also go to “Koyasan” (a temple in the mountain), around 50 minutes by train, and 30 minutes by bus. This area was for me magic, and I strongly recommend you guys to go visit it, and the other cities on the Nankai-sen (name of the train line running in this city)


■ What are your interests or hobbies?

I am personally interested in travelling and trying to discover new things every time. I like to meet new people, to create new bonds, but I also really like enjoying my family, and my very best friends by having time with them, laughing and being, even if it’s just a while, free from the real world. I also love going to the cinema and eating outside (because of what I’ve got some overweight but you know, we only live once right ?). Then, my biggest interest is the interest I have for Japan. I love this country, this language, these people, I kinda like almost everything in this country haha (well except the rigorousness at work and some other things).


■ What is the weirdest thing for you in Japan?

For me, the weirdest thing I met in Japan is something was that Japanese people are every time lining up. They line when they wait the train, the bus, in the escalator, for everything! I was very surprised because in France it’s not like that haha. I’m still surprised by this custom and I will finish by believing that they like it x).



■ What inspired you to study Japanese?

To be honest, I started to have an interest in Japan by discovering manga when I was 8. Then, while I was growing up, I got more and more interest in Japanese culture, and the more I knew about it, the more I wanted to know about it. Then, when I had to go to University, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life later… Then I picked Japanese/English languages as a major.


■ What are you expecting from this internship program?

I can speak Japanese, but I’m still missing vocabulary and having some difficulties with this famous “Keigo”, I sometimes want to cry because of it. I think Japanese learners will understand me, isn’t it ? Haha anyway, what I’m waiting from this internship is mainly to have my first experience in a Japanese company, because it is for me a way to better understand the Japanese society and a way to improve my professional skills in Japanese, which will be useful to me in my future carrier since I would like to work for companies dealing with Japanese one, or Japanese companies dealing with English and French ones.


■ What are you studying at your university? Tell us about your dream.

Last year, I graduated from a Bachelor Degree in English/Japanese option economics. Now, I’m a first year Master Degree Student in a Business School In Paris. Currently, I’m studying international trade, management, and communication.
My dream… What a good question! Actually, what is my dream? I wish to find the good one and to become a dad as soon as possible… I would like, to become the father of 3 children (at least). This is my dream.





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