インターン出身国における新型コロナの状況 ~フランス編~


C. Ishihara



In France, the COVID-19 Pandemic started on the 24th  January 2020 when the first three cases were identified in metropolitan France.  Since when the situation has become worse and worse every day, and today, and that since the 17 Mars (till the 11th May) French are confined at home. However, thanks to strict measures, things tend to become better, but are still bad…

Thinking “it’s in China, far from us” then “it can’t become as worth as in China”, the French government, as well as Occident governments, in general, took time to take this problem seriously.

This reaction is also because that it’s the first time that we’re faced with a problem like this. Therefore, Occident Governments underestimated the Virus’s contagiousness and dangerousness.

フランスでは、COVID-19パンデミックは、最初に3つのケースが確認された2020年1月24日に始まりました。 それ以来、状況は悪化の一途をたどっています。そして、3月17日から5 月 11 日まで フランス人は自宅に閉じ込められています。しかし、厳格な措置のおかげで、事態は良くなる傾向にありますが、まだまだ深刻な状況が続いています…




Country Policy 国の政策

French government measures started on February 23rd with the launch of a sanitary crisis plan, the “ORSAN REB ” plan.

Till’ now, because the situation is getting worse day after day, the French President has done 5 official speeches on TV, to inform the population of decisions that have been made, such as the closure of European and Schengen zone borders (March), the closure of shops, and the beginning of the containment (March, 13th).

フランス政府の対策は、2月23日に公衆衛生の危機に立ち向かう計画「ORSAN REB」を発表することから始まりました。



Policy on containment 都市封鎖( ORSAN REB STEP 3)

First measures, closing of the national borders to Non-European borders, then to borders within the Schengen Area (until July).

From Tuesday, March 17th, beginning of the containment. Citizens must not go out of their home without a special paper telling what you are going to do (only going to the supermarket, going to the doctor/hospital, going to work, doing some physical activity close to your home are authorized). If no paper, you’re fined from 200€ to 3750€ and 6 months imprisonment (depending on the recidivism).

Strict measures have been taken. Now, go shopping alone by car, while one shopping cart for one person. The only person with who you can be is your family, but only at home, outside you must respect the social distance.






Working environment & School 職場環境・学校

Government asked companies to do Telecommuting. This measure is more or less respected, but there are still some people who need to go to their workplace to work.
The French President said during his speeches that “any company would be abandoned or letting doing bankruptcy because of the Covid-19”, he promised many helps (no taxes, lend of money without interest, he asked for bank cooperation, etc…).

Regarding Schools, all schools are closed from March 12th, until mid of July for Universities, and they are talking about an eventual gradually reopening for the rest of schools from May 11th.



Stores 店舗情報

From March 14th, and that until further notice, in the whole France non-essential public places are closed. Only Supermarkets and delivery restaurants are still open. As previously explained, even when you’re doing the shopping you must respect the Social Distance, and can’t be more than one by cart.



Conclusion まとめ

Till’ now the Government has done well, but, in France, the situation is very complicated.
Currently, we’re all waiting for May 11th (the end of the containment) to see what will happen.

Also, people are getting angry because the government contradicts himself. I’m phoning my mom and my friends every day since I’m in Japan, and I’m reading French news on my phone and the internet. Now French people are feed up. The government is not spared criticism over its management of the coronavirus crisis. It has taken too much time to do react, not enough strict measures, one day masks are useless, another day recommended, then another day finally not so much… The problem now is that we don’t understand Government intentions, measures…. For example, Restaurants and public places remain closed until July, however, the class will reopen gradually from May. I just called a friend of mine this morning (04/27) and he told me that the situation was bad there, “more than 20 people dying every day, many contaminated people… We don’t know when things are going to improve…”

Nevertheless, thanks to the Containment number of patients is decreasing (but still high).

That’s a very subtle situation, we must wait and see what is going to happen on May 11th.