インターン出身国におけるアフターコロナ 台湾編


C. Ishihara



The coronavirus in Taiwan #2

It has been longer than a month after the last update of the coronavirus situation in Taiwan, things have changed in a positive way.

Today (5/26), there have been 45 days without local infection, restrictions have been lifted gradually. People are more willing to go out, the masks distributed by the government have become easier to purchase, popular locations have restored its popularity once again.



*General 全体の状況 :

The report of daily cases is continuing every day. Recently, the commend center has been reporting 0 new infection, at the meanwhile, they try to promote local products in order to restore the purchase power. For example, on the day that 8 days without infection at all was reported, the commend center put guavas (which has the same pronunciation as 8 in Chinese) on their desk during the report, it successfully stimulated the willingness of people to buy guava.


The plan of relief package was also settled in these days. For people who have limited income are allowed to receive up to 100-thousand-yen cash. For businesses which were largely affected, based on their own condition, certain amount of money was distributed by the government. For example, taxi drivers could get up to 30k yen per month for 3 months.

Also, another policy was made in the past few days. The government was planning on distributing shopping coupon to everyone regardless to their financial situation. The amount would be around 10k yen, and people have to pay 3.5k by cash for the exchange.




*Movie theater 映画館 :

I went to the movie theater in the evening of 5/20. There were not too many people since the movie started from 17:00. The theater was arranging their seats in another manner, no connecting seats were sold. Everyone should be separated by another empty seat in between.


*Department store  デパート:

Department stores require their customers to wear mask to enter. They locked up most of the doors and limited the entrance to few (1-2) and measured the body temperature of everyone when they enter. For Costco, it requires social distance between costumers, and reduced the carriable people of one member card (from 4 to 2).


*Long-distance bus station 長距離バス乗り場 :

The bus station in my city (Tainan) also measures the body temperature of every passenger before they enter. The waiting seats inside was also labeled to have a social distance.


*Post office 郵便局 :

Post offices are also following the government’s policy. People who are entering the building have to wear mask and be measured their body temperature. If your body temperature is higher than 37.5, then you are refused to enter the building.


*School and Business 学校や企業 :

Schools and businesses are still operating as usual. Some schools had been strictly refrained outsider from entering the campus in the past four months, but the policy was lifted gradually in those schools. Most of the school campuses are open to the public, but people have to register their personal ID to the system before they enter the campus.


*Markets 市場 :

There are many local farmer markets in Taiwan. I went to one with my mother last week. Most of the stands were open, around 80% of people were wearing masks. It was almost like a daily scene you can easily see in the before-corona lives.


*Restaurant and entertainment 飲食店や娯楽施設 :

Almost 100% of the restaurants are opening regularly in these days. The business time weren’t shortened because of the pandemic, only that some stores were putting alcohol sanitizers in front of the store, asking the customers to clean their hands before entering, and get their body temperature measured.

Entertainment business such as KARAOKE, nightclub, and billiard playgrounds are open as usual (they were only closed for few weeks in early stage of the pandemic). KARAOKE stores are asking their customers to record their personal ID before taking them to the room.



Conclusion まとめ:

In Taiwan, things seem to be just like normal, only without the tourists from other countries. For the public facilities, the high-standard sanitation was maintained. The stores or the managers has been practicing a more regular cleaning routine. For example, in almost every elevator, plastic seals were stuck in front of the buttons, in order to make it easier to clean.

The entire society is still following the government policy even though the pandemic of coronavirus has seemed to be gone already in Taiwan. People tend to be not wearing masks in the open spaces, several sightseeing spots were becoming crowded once again. Our government has successfully protected the country, at the mean while having spare resources to help the other countries. However, in the near future, the border between countries would be open again, as well as the upcoming winter, it will become another war to fight for before the invention of the vaccine.