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Multilingual Site Operation and Maintenance

Comprehensive Service

Export Japan has 20+ years of experience in operating and maintaining multilingual sites, including those for government agencies and transportation companies throughout the world. We provide ongoing, comprehensive support that covers maintenance, translation, and updates. Your site will be managed by our full-time multilingual staff who can perform new updates and adjustments as necessary.

Translation Management Software

When it comes to multilingual sites, translation quality is of the utmost importance, but no matter how good the translation is, your users will notice if the copy is inconsistent. Each time a new piece of content is added, the new translation must be consistent with the established terminology, phrasing, and style. At Export Japan, we use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools that build a comprehensive database of past translations and automatically produce previously-translated terms and phrases, ensuring that even if the translator changes, the specialized language used by your company will always be consistent.

Horizontal Organization of Native Staff for Each Language

Having a good translation is about more than just changing text from one language to another – subtle cultural differences in common symbology, date format, and typography can create problems that affect large aspects of the site. For example, the “○” symbol is used in Japan to mean “okay,” or “correct,” but no Western user would interpret it that way. Many railway companies organize their information around regions such as “Tōhoku” and “Kantō,” but those areas have no familiarity for travelers visiting Japan. These kinds of issues would be very hard to fix after the fact.

Many companies treat the site design and translation as separate stages of the production process, and in many cases the two groups are physically separated as well. At Export Japan, our translators and designers work together from the beginning of the process to ensure that the translation and design support each other.

Web Analytics

Compared to a single-language site, performing web analytics on a multilingual site requires awareness of how different aspects of the data have differing degrees of importance depending on the target country and language. For example, if your site is mobile-responsive, the type of device used to access it will vary greatly depending on the target country. If the number of visitors from a specific country is low, perhaps the location of the server or the condition of the internet connection needs to be reconsidered. And if there’s a large influx of visitors from a referral site, the analysis must include the contents of that site as well. At Export Japan, we consider these things and more when performing analytics on your multilingual site.


In order to keep the site drawing traffic, many businesses use a major advertising platform such as Google Adwords. In order to choose the appropriate keywords, an understanding of the delicate nuances that exist in each language is necessary. At Export Japan, that selection is done by Google-Ads certified native speakers. Our staff also includes agents certified in Baidu products and services, and we represent a number of popular portal sites for information in languages such as English, Chinese, and Taiwanese.

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