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What We Do

Since its establishment in April, 2000, Export Japan has been an active presence in the fields of multilingual website development and international web marketing. Utilizing tools such as multilingual Accessible QR Code and advertising through, we plan, present, and execute comprehensive solutions to our clients’ needs.

Multilingual Website Development and Marketing

From the initial planning to the implementation and maintenance, Export Japan will work with you to craft a multilingual (global) website or online promotion scheme that fits your company’s vision. Whether your goal is to improve public relations, attract customers, strengthen your branding, increase your acquisition of new leads, or anything else, we will develop a plan to match your target country, target users, and local technological infrastructure. From the server location, planning, translation, and design to the coding itself, we tailor every decision to match your goals from start to finish.

Multilingual Website Operation and Maintenance

“Our site has pages in five different languages, but we just want one company to handle the site operation.”
“We want someone who can contact the overseas office directly, in English or Chinese.”
At Export Japan, our in-house multilingual staff can directly handle websites in a variety of languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian. If you are representing a business or company from outside Japan, we are thoroughly experienced in facilitating good communication between you and your overseas business partners.

Multicultural Consulting

For businesses looking to expand to an international market or draw clients from overseas, our multilingual, multicultural staff will provide tangible examples of successful strategies and important considerations when marketing in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and other Eastern countries. is the world’s largest and most popular source for information on traveling in Japan, and receives approximately 1,800,000 monthly visitors.
Export Japan offers a variety of advertising options geared at mobilizing those visitors for both businesses and localities seeking greater exposure.

QR Translator and Accessible Code

QR Translator is the first application in the world that lets any sign, label, or poster be read in any language, by anyone. The contents of the text are contained in a small piece of QR code that is read by the QR Translator App and displayed in the language of the user’s phone settings. QR Translator is in use throughout Japan, including at famous tourist spots such as the Fushimi Inari Taisha-shrine in Kyoto and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Deck.

Accessible Code was developed in cooperation with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Organization (NEDO) as an implementation of QR Code Reader to support people with visual impairments. The code is printed on the packaging of foods, medicines, and other products, where it is indicated by small raised dots that are easily located by touch. When the code is scanned, the app will read out the text in the appropriate language using the phone’s native text-to-speech functionality.

QR Translator was created in collaboration with Pijin Co., Ltd., and Export Japan holds patents in Japan, America, China, and Russia.

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