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Our Philosophy

Contributing to intercultural relations

through internet business


Regardless of which country you live in, the universal reach of the internet has made the world feel like a sometimes shockingly small place. One part of this feeling is the international exchange of information, goods, and even members of the workforce, which seems like it will only keep accelerating in coming years. While there are both positive and negative views about this phenomenon, we at Export Japan believe that with the right direction, it can be utilized to benefit the entire world.

International travel, for example, can be a wonderful opportunity to interact with a foreign culture and develop a sense of familiarity with its native residents. Through the effects of globalization, we are given opportunities to understand and benefit from cultures that differ from our own. International trade, another sphere that has been bolstered by globalization, also helps countries to support each other’s economies, which strengthens feelings of amity and deters conflict. And there are certainly many more aspects of globalization that could be mentioned.

Regardless of the specifics, it is undeniable that, from now on, it will be of the utmost importance for Japan and the rest of the world to direct the internet-driven trend toward globalization toward positive change. What we can do to promote this positive change, first and foremost, is spread the value of globalization and cultural exchange throughout the world.

We at Export Japan are specialists in transmitting information globally. Through our business, we strive to realize a fully global, multicultural society.

Kenji Takaoka
Chief Executive Officer, Export Japan Inc


Our Values

Create solutions from a global perspective地球規模でソリューションを考えよう

Encourage curiosity and personal growth自分の知的好奇心を刺激しながら仕事をしよう

Be pioneers and break new ground in the online market開かれる市場の一歩先を進んでいこう