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CEO & the Board

Kenji Takaoka

Chairman of the Board/CEO

After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University’s School of Humanities, Takaoka worked at a major food manufacturing company. Later, he pursued a career as a boxer, earning a B-class boxing license and fighting three bouts. After retiring from the boxing world in 1995, Takaoka worked in overseas marketing for at the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Osaka (Thai Trade Center Osaka). In 1999, he enrolled in Graduate School of Business Administration at Kobe University, and while studying there, in April 2000 he established “,” which would eventually become Export Japan Inc. Beginning in 2007, he also became a board member for, and he has since become Representative Director for PIJIN Co., Ltd. and a board member of the inbound digital marketing council.

Publications: “Sekaichū ni hanro wo hirogeru kaigai Web ma-ketingu no kyōkasho” (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing)

Ryo Takeuchi

Board Member

Having practiced piano from a young age, while Takeuchi was enrolled in Hyogo Prefecture’s leading college-preparatory school, he spent his high school years doing street performances. While studying in the School of Sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University, Takeuchi backpacked around the world, traveling to over ten countries, and after graduating he was recruited into Export Japan in 2006. Since joining, Takeuchi has taken charge of developing the company philosophy, and he currently manages the broad scope of advertising and promotion business operations.

Stefan Schauwecker

Board Member

Originally from Switzerland, Stefan Schauwecker is the Chairman of the Board for, a website he created in 1996 that hosts travel information and articles about Japan. Since then, the site has grown to become the largest website of its kind in the country, receiving over 2,000,000 users/month and with over 900,000 registered members. In 2008, Schauwecker was appointed by the Japanese government as ambassador of Visit Japan (formerly Yōkoso! Japan).

Main publications: “Gaikokujin ga aisuru utsukushisugiru nihon,” Gaikokujin dake ga shitteiru utsukushii nihon~suisujin no watashi ga aisuru hito to machi to shizen,” (Daiwashobo), “Gaikokujin ga eranda nihon hyakkei,” (Kodansha Ltd.) “Gaikokujin dake ga shitteiru~kankouchi nippon,” (Daiwashobo)

Takashi Miki

Statutory Auditor

Miki is a partner of Nakamoto Total Law Offices. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Osaka University, he passed the bar examination and became a qualified lawyer. He subsequently completed a law degree in the United States and became a lawyer in the State of New York. After practicing law in the United States for some time, in 2004 he joined Nakamoto Total Law Offices as a partner. He was made managing partner of Export Japan’s Tokyo office in 2008.

Main publications: “Dejitaru contentsu hō” (in collaboration with Shojihomu Co., Ltd.), “Chiteki zaisan keiyaku no riron to jitsumu” (in collaboration with Shojihomu Co., Ltd.), and “Amerika tousanhō (ue/gekan)” (in collaboration with LexisNexis Japan Co., Ltd.)