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Founded in April 2000, Export Japan is a web marketing firm that specializes in inbound tourism and multilingual content creation. Its diverse staff of a few dozen is made up of talented individuals from Japan, America, France, Poland, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, and Bangladesh, and the company's goals are best described by its motto: "Contributing to intercultural relations through internet business." Some of Export Japan's noteworthy clients include the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and, an English-language travel site that receives over 2 million visitors each month.


シオノギヘルスケア(株)から発売の商品にAccessible Codeを採用


視覚障害者や外国人に読むことが難しい医薬品等の説明情報について、パッケージ表面のQRコードをスマートフォンで読取るだけで、その端末の設定に応じた言語で説明書を音声化して読み上げる仕組みが実用化されました。Accessible Code(アクセシブルコード)と名付けられたこの仕組みは、全盲の人でも読取り可能であることが多…

VIP Code Reader

VIP Code Reader, A New QR-Code-Scanning App Designed Specifically for People with Visual Impairments

The majority of smartphones in use today (iPhone, Android, etc.) contain a vital accessibility featu…