Some friends of mine from the University of Chicago have started a software company called Humanized, Inc., whose goal is to make computers easier to use. The president is Aza Raskin, son of the late Jef Raskin, the “father” of the Apple Macintosh. They have a new software called Enso, and it acts like a command line for Windows. The idea is this: you hit “Caps Lock” and then issue a command. For example, if I want to open the Calculator program, I hold down Caps Lock and type “open calculator”. If I want to check my spelling, I highlight some text, hold down Caps Lock and type “spellcheck”. This function works from inside almost every program. Theoretically, there’s no limit to what Enso can do, but for now it can do a lot of things, like switch windows, make text upper case, and you can even teach it to open certain folders under aliases. For example, here at Export Japan, I have it set so when I hold down Caps Lock and type “open commonfiles”, the company file folder opens up. I have been beta testing it for several months and it is definitely a time-saver.